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Praise and thank to omnipotent God for all the blessing, mercy, and guidance that we've had.

We can proudly say that each members and staff bring diversity in expertise and perspective which shaped us into a solid and mature team, not only in central level but also in district level.

PT. PRIMASID ANDALAN UTAMA continues to grow and evolve through times to take pride in learning from sweet and bitter experiences.

PT. PRIMASID ANDALAN UTAMA is committed to improving peoples lives and livelihoods. We give back to the communities where our employees and customers live and work. We also look for opportunities to use our knowledge of seed and plant technology in collaborative projects that help alleviate hunger, improve farmer profitability, and spans seed industry in our country.

Thus, we're really hoping for suggestions and criticisms that helped us to innovate and deliver improved products to customers around the world.

Ir. Ayub Darmanto

Managing Director


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